Wednesday, 4 April 2018

New Life - A persuasive letter to my husband

New Life

A persuasive letter to my husband.

I am disgusted with living in the trailer. With the mice that multiply faster than I could kill them from the neighbors infestation. The hoarders paradise our Florida room had become, not to mention the closet and the office. Back to rodents, a squirrel has made a home in the roof above our bedroom. We have reset the eves, tried traps, shot it with pellet guns, and even poison but nothing has worked.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is also the park itself and its managing staff. Our rent went up fifty percent when the roads throughout the park were supposed to be repaved; they were just given a half-asked November patch job that did not survive the winter. The sewer lines were redone in the first two rows of the park, I live on the fifth, but all of our rents increased as well as our water and sewer bills. Then there is the new park handyman, a man of a thousand excuses to not come and help. Easier to pay more to have a professional come and do whatever is needed.

The worst by far is the park manager. Since he is too cheap to hire someone to plow the park in the winter he purchased a pickup truck with a plow, I should say we purchased it since he increased our rent for it, to do the plowing himself. I told him what time I work and that with my job, as an emergency dispatcher, I do not have the luxury of not going into work during bad weather. The first major snow storm, more than a foot of snow, and he has not come through with the plow. I call him to say that I have to get to work. He said he was at his other properties and he would be there when he would get there.

In addition, I am tired of traveling nearly an hour every day to a job I despise. So when the sign went up for “Kenwood Commons” on the old convent across from my place of employment I was intrigued. When I looked into it and found it was going to be an artist retreat I was disappointed, at first. Until I read that they included writers as artists. That they will have classes open to the community. It could be a new place for me to learn writing and improve my craft. Therefore, I emailed them to find out more about the classes.

In their response, I found out they are going to be selling condominiums. They will have anywhere from one to four bedrooms available. To quote their brochure “Each of our very special condominium residences, has been painstakingly designed to highlight their historic and architectural beauty and to seamlessly incorporate all of today’s new “Smart-Home” technology.”

Just think about the new life we could have. A brand new place to live.

I could walk to work instead of drive, no traffic hassles and it will help my health and weight loss. The walk back at night might be an issue but we can figure that out together, perhaps you can just pick me up on your way home from work?

We could get a two-bedroom condominium. One bedroom to use as a bedroom. The second to use as an office and guest bedroom with a day bed, desk, and my long dresser. Sort of like the way my office is set up now but without all the clutter.

We could get you a kitchen that would be all yours to do with whatever you want. You could rediscover your passion for cooking in their “performance kitchen for the culinary arts” or go back to writing as you did when you worked security.

I love that the amenities include a “Mail & Package Room with Refrigerated Space” that will be perfect for your insulin if we go away for a while. In addition, they will have a dog park for Jonouchi, Charity, and Simone if Mom and Pa come to visit. Mom and Pa will have to get their own space to stay but Pa might like it for his painting and Mom will like it because of the eight-week complimentary stay in exchange for a painting deal.

They plan on adding a wellness center which means we can truly expand our Young Living business throughout the Kenwood Commons and beyond to those just passing through and then bypass Glenn and the rest. In addition, the supplements if we do Usana with Connie.

I could teach writing courses without having to open up a writing shop. I could still do the Cratejoy business and possibly even get subscribers from people passing through Kenwood Commons and my writing classes. Between those three businesses plus my writing and whatever you want to do, we might be able to finally quit our day jobs.

The other option is to get a one bedroom and have the living room area divided into living room and office space with a fold out couch for guests but that would require a large living room. We can see what they offer. I know you will want a living room to watch television and movies. Personally, I would prefer not to have that in the office, thus my original thought of a two bedroom flat.

This could be great for Angel too. Even with the kids, they will have three-bedroom triplexes. There will be a bedroom for each of them, Angel, Harley, and Logan. Angel can go back to experimenting with art. The kids can get early exposure to great art. If he gets an actual condominium not just an eight-week artist in residence then they will have a secure home and it is not too far from his work too in Glenmont. It will be right on the Route 7 CSEA bus. Do not let me forget to tell my brother about this even if we cannot get it for ourselves!

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