Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ukobach V Dwarf with Ioun Wyrd

After I finished digging up the glass blob I retrieved the two daggers. One was masterwork and the other basic. Before I left for the head I stopped to check that the frog was dead. It didn’t need any more armor, enough washed up on shore occasionally and besides had done some good damage to this set. Next time I faced someone my size perhaps I would only attack the face not the body. I could come back later after he decomposes some and take it and repair the leather somehow when I get bored. I took his masterwork rapier and his belt which had its sheath. The sheaths for the daggers were on his wrists and I took those too. Also on his belt were two waterskins, two more daggers in sheaths, and a pouch containing a thunderstone, two alkali flasks, and a liquid blade if the tag on its neck was to be believed.

Not a bad amount of swag. The issue was, the encumbrance of it all, with the spade and glob of glass, made me want to go back to the vault. Plus, someone could recognize the rapier. If I hide it then perhaps they might not know I killed their companions. It is not like I need weapons anyway. I thought as I headed back to the center of the shell.

I made a beeline for the vault but as I approached I saw a dwarven male coming up the path I had originally taken to the beach. He saw me and threw a spell. Acid splashed upon my skin. “I am a devil moron. Acid will not bother me especially when it is that weak.”

“I have more than just acid but thank you for the helpful hint.” He said stalking towards me. I met him halfway but with all the things I was carrying he got his hands on me before I could attack him. The electricity shot through me and caused me to drop everything I was carrying. The glob of glass broke nearly in half and smaller shards skittered. I clawed him at the top of his beard, setting it aflame.

He tried to touch me again but I dodged. I hit him on the side of the head, singing his sideburn. He tried again to touch me but I dodged. My hoof skidded on a piece of glass and I missed with my claws. Trying to regain my balance I could not dodge his shocking grasp this time. I got my footing and clawed him savagely across the chest. I was getting enraged and I knew it and I didn’t care when I saw the red blood and no armor below his shirt.

Instead of dodging his next touch I accepted it to get a vital strike in. I screamed from the pain as the electricity coursed through me but my claws still eviscerated the dwarf.

I took his belt too and looked in the pouches. One was a potion labeled cure light wounds. I drank it quickly. I was immune to poison. I felt the tingling of the electricity ebb. There was a scroll that looked to make flaming sphere, a spell I was very familiar with. In another pouch were two more alkali flasks to add to my hoard. In a third was three alchemist fires. In a spell component pouch were a bunch of low value uncut gemstones along with a feather and a scrap of leather. Plus, three more waterskins.

I picked up the rest of my fallen swag and continued to the vault. An odd flying ball of stones flew after me. When I opened the vault door it flew over to my small pile of gemstones. It hovered over the pale lavender ellipsoid stone. Then the stone rose up and incorporated itself into the ball. I threw the swag into the vault and as I slammed it shut I heard the glass shatter again.


@@@@ Battle:

Dwarf AC12 HP 18

Ukobach AC 17 HP 47

Round 1: Dwarf uses shocking grasp 5 damage to Ukobach, HP 42

Round 1: Ukobach crits, claw 0 damage but 4 fire damage to dwarf, HP 14

Round 2: Dwarf misses on 2nd of 5 shocking grasps

Round 2: Ukobach, claw 0 damage but 1 fire damage this round and 1 from last to dwarf, HP 12

Round 3: Dwarf misses on 3rd of 5 shocking grasps

Round 3: Ukobach Misses, 1 point again for the fire though, HP 11

Round 4: Dwarf hit on 4th of 5th shocking grasp for 11 damage, Ukobech HP 31

Round 4: Ukobach, claw 3 damage and 3 fire damage this round, crit wears off, dwarf HP 5

Round 5: Dwarf uses last 1st level spell, Crits, 14 damage, Ukobach HP 17

Round 5: Ukobach Crits too. 4 damage with claws and 2 burning for 3 rounds again. Dwarf HP -1.

Cure light wounds Ukobach HP +9 for total 26!

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