Monday, 14 November 2016

Ukobach V Level 3 Elf Ranger

I decided it would be safer to stay away from these humanoids until they found a way to leave the shell. If they took my hoard so be it. I was not going anywhere for a long while. I could build it up again. I carefully closed the fighting fan. This I would keep close; as a remembrance of the last person I would ever speak to. I looked carefully around the vault to make sure no others were in the area. Then I made my way quickly to the head. I was nearly there when a call came from my left “You there.”

I turned and saw an elf. Elves live long lives. We could be friends here for centuries. “Hello.” I called joyfully waving the closed fan at him.

He scowled. “Where did you get that fan?”

“From a halfling I recently had a conversation with.” I answered.

“That is Sumaks fan.” The elf said angrily pulling a bladed weapon similar to a scimitar from a sheath on his back. He menaced me with the blade. “Where did you get it?”

“From a halfling I recently had a conversation with.” I repeated imploringly.

“Lying evil outsider.” He growled and sliced me in two with his blade. As the blue sky turned a dark, molten red I knew I was finally going home.

@@@@ Battle Summary:

Ukobach Starting HP 16 AC 17

Ranger Starting HP 30 AC 19

Round 1: 19 to attack, 9 damage, critical confirmed with a critical for 8 more damage and then confirmed again for another 4 damage. Total damage 21 so Ukobach dies.

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