Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Ukobach V the Human Cook

There had been a major storm during the night and through to the next afternoon. Lightning struck all around on the shell. I am happy the Zaratan didn’t submerge again.

Storms do have the benefit of washing ashore interesting items. As the sun set I saw a small fire on the beach and decided to go and investigate. The fire was a small cooking fire. The human sitting beside it had set up two tripods of wood far enough on either side to not be burned. The blond had a staff resting upon them skewering three fish cooking over the flames.

From the shadows I studied the flames and the staff more than the man. The flames did not reach the staff and the fish were not cooking in the center. That didn’t make the fact that the staff he was using as a cooking skewer being definitely masterworks and possibly magical any easier to bear.

I stood and strode towards him. His rounded ears showing him to be fully human. He was bigger than me, taller by a few inches while sitting cross legged as he was, and much wider at the shoulders. The man saw me and struggled to his feet. He pulled the staff off the tripods as he rose, pulling one into the fire and nearly putting the staff in the flames as well. “Get back demon.” He bellowed, swinging the staff and the fish slid forward towards the end near me.

“Actually, I am a devil.” I corrected him with a smile. It had been so long since I had seen another awake, intelligent being.

“I don’t care. Get Away.” He said trying to menace me with the staff.

“Is that a magic staff?”

The man paused then said with false confidence “Yes.”

“You honestly have no idea do you?” I asked scornfully.

“Do you really want to find out?” He threatened.

“Oh yes.” I answered and reached forward to take the staff. He hit me with it. I pushed the staff to the side and dashed forward, clawing the cooks’ chest. He fell and stopped moving. I picked up the staff and pulling off the fish walked back to my rock outcropping.

Notes from the battle:

Cook hit Ukobach (1d6) 4 damage HP 51

Ukobach claws do 1d4-1 and 1d4 for 3 damage from 2 HP so -1

To Be Continued in Ukobach V a Grippli

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