Monday, 14 November 2016

Ukobach V Halfling

Ukobach V Halfling Ships Guardian

Perhaps the turtles head was not the best idea. The tail end still has a bit of hangover from the tiles from the summoners bathroom. I can try to hide down there. How many humanoids would want to investigate the area around a colossal turtles’ hindquarters?

I quickly made my way around the vault and nearly ran right into a halfling. “How did you get here?” He demanded.

“I was summoned here a long time ago by a human that is long dead. I cannot teleport home. I cannot fly. I cannot swim across the ocean. I am trapped here.” I said feeling relieved to finally voice my predicament.

“You killed our ships cook?” The halfling asked fiddling with his waterskin.

“He attacked me first.” I nearly whined.

“I saw you fighting the dwarf sorcerer.” He said pouring some powder into the open waterskin and swirling it.

“What is that floating stone thing?”

“His familiar.” The halfling said and splashed me with water from his waterskin.

I sputtered then screamed as the water burned me. “How?” I howled at him.

“Holy water.” He answered and splashed it at me again. I dodged to the side and clawed at the stubble on his chin.

He pulled a fan from behind his back and opened it with a flourish. I laughed and he tried to slice me with the edge of it. I saw the small metal blades sticking up where the ribs of the fan poked through the silk.

“That’s not nice.” I scolded and sliced at his face with my claws again.

The halfling again tried to slice me with his fan. I dodged to the side and he did as well when I tried to claw him. Then he sliced my exposed upper left arm with the fan blades.

“Why is it so unreasonable?” I asked missing with my claws.

“What?” The halfling asked slicing me again.

“Having a conversation.” I stated honestly. The halfling must have been surprised because he didn’t dodge my claw. The halfling fell and gurgled as blood came from the side of his throat. He looked like he was trying to say something. I leaned in close but only heard the sigh of his last breath.

Taking the fighting fan and cradling it in my hands I looked around me.

@@@@Battle Summary:

Ukobach starting HP 26 AC 17

Halfling HP 16 AC 17

1st splash: 5 damage Ukobach HP 21

Round 1 with 2nd splash: Missed

Round 1 riposte: 3 claw and 1 fire damage halfling HP 13

Round 2: fan missed

Round 2 riposte: 2 claw and 4 fire damage halfling HP 7

Round 4: fan does 3 damage, Ukobach HP 18

Round 5: fan does 2 damage, Ukobach HP 16

Round 5: 4 claw damage and 3 fire damage, halfling HP 00



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