Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I was still spooked with the incident with the kitten when I got back to the apartment. No cemeteries for a few days. You would think since I can hear and communicate with the dead that cemeteries would not bother me. They do. Sometimes it just feels like there is something there, watching me, but when I call out nothing responds. That is an eerie feeling that if you have never experienced it yourself I cannot explain and if you have no explanation is necessary.

I put the mini backpack on the dresser. I emptied my pockets too onto the dresser. Took out the Arc and the Surface and placed them on the desk. I booted up the surface then went back to the dresser. I took out the crackers and returned them into the box in the cabinet. I opened the dishwasher, less than half-full.

I closed it and went to the washing machine. It was nearly full. I stripped out of my clothing and tossed them in. Then I put in a capful of Thieves household cleaner and started the washing machine.

I stoppered the right hand sink and turned on the hot water faucet. The washing machine ran on a cold cycle so I had full pressure. I dropped two capfuls of Thieves household cleaner and a few drops of lemon essential oil into the sink. I reached under sinks and pulled out a gallon of white vinegar. I splashed a quarter of the bottle into the sink too. Then I put the white vinegar back under the sink. I hurried over to the Surface and started up Pandora, AC/DC for cleaning.

I went across the apartment to umbrella stand that I used to hold an umbrella, a broom with dustpan, and the mop. I grabbed out the broom first. I walked back and turned off the hot water. Then I swept the dark hardwood floors. Then I took a large bowl and filled it with the solution before I mopped the dark hardwood floors with the cleaning solution from the sink. I left the mop in the sink, head down, and pulled the stopper. Then I used an old fleece rag and with the solution in the bowl cleaned the countertops, range, sinks, inside the microwave, and every other surface including the toilet. I dumped the bowls contents into the toilet and flushed it, to wash the inside of the toilet bowl. Then the bowl I had used for the cleaning solution went into the dishwasher. The rag went into the sink with the mop, to go into the washing machine once it was empty.

I took the clothesline from the floor by the toilet and stretched it across the apartment to the hook above the bathtub. The clothesline was permanently attached to the hook on the wall by the toilet, no reason to take it off that hook and nowhere to really store it above the tub. On the floor by the toilet, it was never in the way. The washing machine buzzed. I could almost time the entire process perfectly.

I took the folding drying rack out from under the table and set it up. Then I unloaded the washing machine and hung up my clothes to dry.

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