Friday, 21 April 2017

Ioun Dwarf and the brothers

The Drunken Magic Stone is not only my home but also my livelihood. I had started out as a brewers apprentice and tavern wench. When I was drawn into a life of adventure by the patroness and Wyrdy, my ioun wyrd it had been my dream to someday have my own tavern. Now I have retired from the life of adventure.
Walking up to the three story stone structure I felt a surge of pride. I had built it myself. A tavern, inn, and the third floor my private sanctum. I have a massive garden on the roof, to keep it safe from pillagers and pests. Then the third floor I have a bedroom, bath, Reliquary, and my workshops, my alchemy lab, my brewery area, and our gemcutting and stoneworking workshop. The second floor is simply lodgings and a lavatory. On the first floor is the typical tavern common room and bar, with my small office along the north-west corner and a storefront for my stones along the northern wall. The office leads down to the kitchen and storage areas I dug out below the Drunken Magic Stone. Three storage areas and two vaults.
I had left Wyrdy in charge while I had gone to fetch the water. We had nobody staying on the second floor right now. The chance of adventurers stopping in had not been too high, especially since I would have only been gone less than half an hour. Even with the battle with the giant I had not been gone any longer than planned. Yet there were four houses tied up to the hitching posts outside the front of the Drunken Magic Stone. I sent a feeling of concern to Wyrdy. It sent back a feeling of calm and business.
I walked in through the door like I owned the place, which I did. “How may I help you?” I offered taking quick stock of the room. There were three men in the room. Two human men sitting at the bar. An elf was standing by my storefront.  The fourth horse had not been saddled as a pack horse so the fourth rider must be in the lavatory.
“Your familiar, with the help of unseen servants, has been taking rather good care of us.” The elf said.
“Excellent care.” The blond man at the bar agreed taking a swig of his mug. He put the empty mug on the bar and an unseen servant picked it up and refilled it from the barrel. Then the unseen servant set the refilled mug back on the bar in front of the man.
“Wyrdy, you have been keeping a tab correct?” I said aloud to my ioun wyrd familiar. It bobbed up and down in the air as if a humanoid nodding.
The door to the lavatory opened and a half-elf came out. “I told you the drinks would not be free brothers.” He said laughing.
“But elven said not to worry about it.” The redhead said taking a gulp from his mug.
“You are a purveyor of stones?” The elf asked me.
“I am.” I confirmed as an couple of unseen servants lifted the waterskins and the large greatclub from my hands and took them behind the bar.
“And a spellcaster as well?”
“I am.”
“We recently had an altercation with a necromancer and from said altercation acquired a few magic items and a lot of onyx stones.” The elf said, pulling a very full belt pouch off his belt.
“You would like me to apprise the stones and tell you what the magic items are?”
The elf grimaced. ‘If possible I would like to sell you the onyxes since I really do not want stones touched by necromancy. Possibly the magic items too once you determine their properties.”
“I will take the stones. I will appraise them. Then we can discuss trading their apprised value for my services, my alcohol, and possibly rooms if you would like them. I do have some coin too don’t fret.” I said walking up to him and the counter of the storefront.
“What about the magic items?”
“One thing at a time. First I have to identify them. Then appraise them if you want.  Then we can discuss trading for them if you decide you do not want them. I do not have a lot of coin, perhaps enough to buy one magic item.”
“Alright. Give up your bags brothers.” The elf said turning to the other three sitting at the bar. They reached to their belts and pulled off a bulging pouch.
The half-elf also took off a tube for scrolls and taking the humans pouches walked them over and put them on the counter next to the elf. “You had better be sure about this.” He muttered to the elf before turning his back on me and going back to the bar.
“We can start with the stones as planned.” I said confidently.
“Why not start with the magic items?” The half-elf said scornfully.
I looked at the elf and said “Whichever you all prefer.”
“The magic items.” The elf agreed with his brother.
“I charge 100 gold pieces per identification. I will gladly take that out of the onyx gems with your agreement.”
“One hundred gold.” The half-elf said putting his hand on the hilt of his sword.
“A typical fee.” The elf agreed smiling. He pulled two wands out of the quiver on his back. “Let’s start with these. Then the four scrolls. Then there is also a potion and a ring.”
The half-elf added, “and a glass bottle with a cork that I am not sure if it is even magic.”
“I keep telling you it is.” The elf snapped at him.
I pulled down a bottle of wine and plucked an owl feather from the basket hanging from the ceiling above the storefront bar. “Just put all magic items on the counter and then I can cast identify.”
The elf took the magic items, one from each belt pouch, as the half-elf demanded “If you are only casting one spell why do we have to pay you for each item?”
“Nine hundred gold pieces worth of identification of magic items is fine so long as she is willing to take those black stones in trade.” The elf hissed at his half-brother.
Without waiting I cast Identify. We could argue about money later. I began, as asked, with the wands. “This redwood wand is vampiric touch. This oak wand is mage armor, a typical spellcaster spell.” I said . The elf put the oak wand back in his quiver and pushed the redwood wand to the side. “I doubt I will have enough to buy the vampiric touch wand, in a settlement you can get ten thousand gold possibly.”
“Alright.” The elf said, returning that wand to his quiver too. Then he handed me the scrollcase.
It was made of hollowed out bone femur with a screw top of the ball joint. I unscrewed it and pulled out the four scrolls. All were obviously written in blood but on vellum as opposed to other, sinister materials. “This first on is an arcane scroll of Make Whole. This is arcane eye, a divination arcane spell.  This is phantasmal killer and the last is gentle repose.” I said looking at the scrolls and handing them back to the elf.
“The bottle is indeed magic.” I said smiling at the half-elf. “It is a bottle of air. The potion is another gentle repose. The ring is a ring of protection, first level.”
“I am keeping my bottle of air.” The half-elf said snatching it back.
“I will be keeping my ring.” The redhead said, acquiring another mug of my ale.
“I don’t see the point of the potion if it isn’t healing.” The other human said offhandedly.
“It has its purpose.” The elf said picking it up and handing it to the half-elf who nodded solemnly. I understood the look. They had lost siblings while adventuring before. Gentle repose would allow them to bring the body home intact. “We do not have any use for the scrolls. We have no arcane spellcaster.”
“Any of you can learn to cast arcane spells at a university.” I suggested looking at the half-elf.
“The humans are too far along in their lifetimes.” The elf said dismissively.
“I need to stay with them to keep the peace.” The half-elf said seeing my look.
The elf glanced at the half-elf then sighed. “Let’s move on to the onyxes.” He said, picking eight or nine stones out of each bulging belt pouch.
I picked them up as he set them on the counter and though a gem loop in my left eye priced them aloud. “Forty, forty, fifty-five, fifty-five, fifty, fifty-five, sixty, sixty-five, sixty, fifty, forty-five, sixty, sixty, fifty-five, fifty-five, fifty, forty, fifty, fifty-five, forty-five, sixty, thirty-five, fifty, sixty, forty-five, thirty-five, sixty, forty-five, fifty, forty-five, forty-five, forty, forty, And forty-five totaling seventeen hundred gold pieces.”
“Time to discuss money.” The elf stated. “Nine hundred for the determination of the magic items.”
“Half a silver piece per mug totals 3 gold pieces for your tab so far.” I added.
“Agreed.” The elf said. “That means seven hundred ninety-seven still owed to acquire the remaining gemstones.”
“I gave you’re the prices I would be selling the gemstones for not what I was willing to pay to acquire them.” I corrected the elf.
The half-elf laughed as the elf scowled. “Meaning?”
“I buy gemstones at three-quarters their appraised value. Meaning I will take them in trade at twelve hundred seventy-five. Minus the nine hundred three means I owe you three hundred seventy-two gold pieces.” The scowl on the face of the elf deepened as the humans stood and turned toward us. “How about we split the difference and I throw in two potions of cure moderate wounds?”
The elf smiled. “Agreed.” He said holding out his hand. I shook it. Then I walked over to the bar and pulled out two potion vials with red-orange liquid. The elf walked over and accepted them.
While the elf had his back was turned the half-elf rolled up the scrolls and put them back into the femur scroll case. “Time to go then?” The half-elf asked hopefully.
“Yes, the day is young.” The elf agreed.
“Excellent brew.” The redhead said as the blond chugged the liquid remaining in his mug. They left without further comment. I walked back to and behind the storefront bar. I pulled out two baskets of onyxes. Those worth fifty gold pieces or more went into one basket, those less into the other.  

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