Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Evil Idea part 2

There are the living. There are the dead.
Then there are those that are in between. The spirits, ghosts, or other dead without a body that remain to torment the living. Those that have bodies but no pulse, no need to breathe, but still they move as if alive. Those that were living, became dead, then returned to prey upon the living. They are referred to as the undead. The undead come in many forms, corporeal and incorporeal, the mindless, the predators, and the consummate undead.
Undead are formed in a variety of ways. Undead occur naturally when the living die with unfinished business. Magic can also bring the dead back to some semblance of life. Magic usually makes mindless undead servants. Some living use magic to become undead themselves, in a parody of eternal life. These consummate undead can in turn produce partial undead through reproduction with the living. That is how I came to be.
Character so far:
Dhampir spirit binder wizard
Necromancy undead school specialization
Divination and Abjuration as prohibited schools
At least level 3 for the Improved Familiar of a Beheded
The beheaded being the Evil Protagonists elven elder brother
Mother must then also be an elf
Mother deceased since most mothers die in childbirth of the partial undead.
Since the Evil Antagonist is a half-vampire the father will have to be a vampire
If she is going for consummate undead herself she will be going lich, my favorite
Her idea with necromancy is the reclaimation of lost life
Female beacuse it is my gender... Might change it to male!
Antagonist Ideas
Cult of Droskar, Paizo evil dwarf god?
Cilt of an evil deity of death and decay but not undead, anti-undead if possible
Cult of deity of destruction
I keep thinking cults because the Evil Protagonist can create her own army

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