Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Shoe Issue

There are very few times when I want a car. Between the bus, which takes me into downtown Troy, and the Library and Hannaford, I have everything I really need. If I cannot get it between those three, I can order it online and have it delivered straight to my door.

Except for sneakers. I was walking back from Hannaford after another grocery trip when it happened. With my right foot, the stitching on the insole came away from the rubber of the shoe. I did not notice until I got back to the apartment.

Sitting on the couch after putting the groceries away I looked at the offending shoe. I could always duct tape it. That would work for a while. 

Eventually though I would need to go through the hassle of shopping for shoes. I wear a size nine and a half wide. Not many stores carry them.

I need laces in case my feet swell up. It happen sometimes.

I need slip resistant shoes too. I wear them all year round. Even in the winter with ice.

I prefer they be made of leather. Leather will provide at least some water resistance.

Ordering them online is never an option. Even if they ship the correct size, I would have to walk around in them to try them out. Then I would not be able to ship them back if they did not fit right. If they cut into my heel or pinch my toes, I am stuck with them.

I could always drop them in the clothing donation boxes I guess.

I put down the shoe and picked up my Surface. I went to google and put in shoes. Clicked shopping. Clicked 9 and a half, wide, sneaker, black, genuine leather, and women’s. The first option was a Dr. Scholl S for $49.99. Clicking on it brought me to the Dr. Scholl’s website. An interesting option but my current pair were still fixable.

I got out the duct tape. It was black like the leather of the shoe. I put it on top of the dresser so that when I went to go out next time I would not forget to tape up my shoe.

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