Monday, 10 April 2017

My Evil Idea

I was always interested in the idea of the evil that is helpful. Like Riddick, Sinister Squad, and Suicide Squad. They are still evil. They do not become good at the end. Evil in and evil out. It is like the line from the beginning of the Chronicles of Riddick “In normal times evil would be fought by good, but in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil.”

That is the thing to remember. These are not bad guys versus the good guys from the bad guys point of view like Wicked. The protagonists are evil. The antagonists are evil.

Usually it is just because someone more powerful, sinister, or cold-hearted finds something to use against the evil person or people and leverages it. In Riddick, the air elemental leveraged Riddicks freedom to get him to help her defeat the Lord Marshall of the Necromongers.

In Sinister Squad, Alice put explosive wrist bands onto Rumpelstiltskin and the Queen of Hearts to make them do what she wants. Then Alice used the Queen of Hearts ability to mind control any man, except Rumpelstiltskin, to control the other male prisoners. Alice is not the most sane individual in the movie either. Love plays a great role in why some of the evil ones do what they do.

Love plays a role in Suicide Squad as well. From the Colonel Rick Flag being in love with the Doctor Moon to Harley Quinn and Jokers relationship. Let us not forget  Chato Santana and his lost love of his wife and children that caused him to stifle his powers. What touched me the most was the love Deadshot has for his daughter.

Not to say that the boss lady, Amanda Waller, didn’t use other means to control the members of the Suicide Squad.  Amanda used the carrot and the stick method. The stick being explosives that she had injected into their necks. The carrots being rewards that the prisoners desired, like more time with his daughter for Deadshot, cable television for Mr. Jones, and an expresso machine for Harley Quinn.

So that makes me look at the list of the characters I would need to get a story or series like this going:
oEvil Protagonist or team
Ranged attacker
Femme fatal
Hand-to-hand combatant
Reluctant member
oEvil Antagonist, the typical villain
oThe carrot/stick lady
oCarrot/stick ladies enforcer?

It seems like a major plot point to get the Evil Protagonist interested is to have their freedom taken away and then have that, at least in part, be the carrot. It was done with a bounty in Chronicles of Riddick and jail sentences in the Squad’s.

Another plot point is the Antagonist trying to get the Protagonist onto their side. After all, both are evil and evil knows what evil wants. In Sinister Squad it seemed to work in the Antagonists favor. In Suicide Squad it was fake, unobtainable mind control, which is why it failed. Usually it occurs at the end of the second act or sometime in the third before the point of hopelessness.

My primary idea is a necromancer. Necromancers are easily seen as evil. Perhaps she was born a half- or partial undead? It would make her reviled from birth. Like Mr. Jones in Suicide Squad humans did not accept her, they treated her like a monster and so she became one. She just prefers the company of the dead and undead to that of the living. She could create her own army if she needs one and does not need a squad. Which brings up the question, if the protagonist has death, undeath, creation, and an army what can the antagonist have to counter that?

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